Tarilyn's Dance Force

Our Dance Force has been a part of our studio for five years. It has been a competition class
for the "simple experience of it".

Last year, we changed the format of the class to our Intensive Dancer Class broadening their knowledge of dance not only in the physical aspect, but the educational as well. Their summer intensive included reports on dance history, dance terminology, staging and the tools for choreography. They took classes in ballet technique, combinations, tap, hip hop, modern lyrical, lyrical ballet and leaps and turns. Guest teachers included dance students from University of Minnesota, Kansas University as well as a former student currently employed by Disney.

Interested in more? Contact us today to see the requirements needed to be involved in this high level class.

                      CONGRATULATIONS DANCE FORCE 09-10
Trio Jazz - 2nd place
(Shelly Bazer, Caity Rosenthal, Kelsey Phipps)

Duet Tap - 2nd place
(Caity Rosenthal, Kelsey Phipps)

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DANCE FORCE MDA WALK 04                    DANCE FORCE 80'S ROCK 05


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