Below are the descriptions and policies we have at our studio and they have been updated for
Fall 2010. Subject to change for Fall 2011.


Regular combination dance classes are held Mondays through Thursdays and Saturday mornings. Classes consist of ballet, tap, jazz, & production depending on the age. Pre-school through adult are welcome. All the music is age appropriate. All classes are taught by myself, one assistant and one student demonstrator. Our program is set in a positive environment, providing the fundamentals of dance, self confidence, discipline, individual attention, exercise and just plain FUN!


Students are required to be enrolled in a combination class in order to participate in a Specialty Dance Class. Specialty classes include:

Jazz: (Offered to grades 3rd and up) The study of traditional jazz, production, hip hop, dance team, jumps, leaps, and turns.
Pre-pointe: (must have permission from Ms. Tarilyn)
Pointe:  (must be approved with Ms. Tarilyn)
(Offered to grades 7th and up) The study of ballet with a twist of story telling with your body, and the concentration on a dancer's center.
Funk Tap I: (Offered to grades 7th and up)Six years of traditional tap technique required. We wrap our technique into sounds and movements you didn't know your feet could do!
Funk Tap II: Eight years of traditional tap technique required. Tap technique mixed with hip hop moves, props and special effects makes this class a fun and exciting class to attend.

Pre-Dance Force and Dance Force: (please see Dance Force page)
HIP HOP I: (Offered to grades 7th and up)  Who doesn't want to do hip hop??? Taking the kids by storm for the past 10 years, it is here to stay! Come join us for the breakdown of how to move, pop, and lock with guest teachers dropping in and out of classes weekly.
HIP HOP II: Two years of Hip Hop I required. Take it up a level and get the work out of your life! Jump, drop, pop, turn and join our guest teachers for one of the hottest classes we can offer!

NEW CLASS!!!! MUSCIAL THEATER: (Offered to grades 4th-6th) Learn stage terminology, scenery design, and perform the fun musical and dance numbers fromfamous Broadway shows!

NEW CLASS!!!! TUMBLING: (Offered to grades 1ST-3RD) Stretching, rolling, jumping and balancing is a fun way to add pizazz to a dance routine!



All dancers are required to wear appropriate dance attire. Ability to move is key to learning correct dance styles.
All tights and shoes are ordered directly through the studio.

Pre-school 30 min. combination classes: Black or pink leotard (no midriffs), classic pink tights, pink ballet shoes , and flat beginner black tap shoes are required.  Tap ribbons must be replaced with elastic BEFORE classes begin. Tying shoes every 2 minutes takes away from class time and is a danger to your dancer. Ballet skirts acceptable.

45 min. combination classes: All required to wear SOLID BLACK loetards. Tight and shoe requirements given with registration confirmations. ANY Ballet skirts/dance shorts acceptable.

One hour combination classes and Ballet classes: All required to wear a FULL BODIED LEOTARD (no midriffs). Tight and shoe requirements given with registration confirmation. ANY ballet skirts and dance shorts/leggings are acceptable.                                     


Specialty  Classes: ALL REQUIRED to wear FULL BODIED LEOTARD (no midriffs). Tight and shoe requirements given with confirmation of registration. Acceptable options OVER Leotards:
                                                        Hot shorts
                                                        Jazz pants
                                                        Camisole tops
                                                        (NO JEANS, JEAN SHORTS OR BOXERS PLEASE)

Hip Hop classes: Street clothes (other than jeans) can be worn.....separate tennis shoes required.....these mus NEVER be worn outside.

Tumbling: Leotards and tumling/gymnastic shoes required. No loose clothing.


Attendance - Regular attendance is important for your child's learning and self confidence. If your child will be absent, please call the studio ahead of time to arrange for a make-up class. There will be no refund for absences, regardless of the reason.

Winter Weather - This is always an issue in Nebraska. If Millard Public Schools calls school off early or cancels due to inclement weather, we will also cancel classes. Safety first with our dancers.  You will have the option for your dancer to come to the "sister class" to make up for the missed lesson.

Observation - Our facility is geared towards the importance of learning and our priority is our dancers. Due to the distraction it can cause and the time it takes away from class, we offer designated observation. We have closed circuit television at that time for your viewing pleasure and parent observation will be quarterly. If you miss the observation date, call one week ahead to schedule a personal parent viewing.

Newsletters - Monthly newsletters are put out the 1st of the month August through January. They will be e-mailed to you unless otherwise requested. They will not be available on our website. The information is for our dance families only. Newsletters hold important information to keep everyone updated on the latest studio announcements.

Studio Policy Booklets-Upon registering for classes, you will receive a  Studio Policy Booklet. All of the information needs to be reviewed and the signature page turned in the first class in September. Monthly tuition reminders will be e-mailed unless otherwise requested. See the FEES page for more details.