Studio floor being built - 1. A raised floor with 2 inch foam blocks glued to the bottom.

Studio floor being built - 2. The foam blocks add the appropriate cushion/spring for dancers' jumps and leaps.

Studio floor being built - 3. This raised floor is especially for dancer's safety; cutting the chances for injury.

Welcome to our studio.

Studio view - 1. Time step dance floor. Top of the line flooring.

Studio view - 2. Plenty of space for adequate class sizes.

Studio view - 3. Seven foot mirrors for accurate dance instruction.



HALLOWEEN 2008          80'S DAY 2009       Ms. Kaleigh-Office Mgr     Picture Day 2009     Dance class with Ms. Lora  and Ms. Tarilyn 2009

                                       "DRESS LIKE A PRINCESS" DAY 2009!!!!!





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