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Yes - you all did an amazing job! Even my dad (who was a high school music teacher at South and then West for 35 years, and had two daughters go through years of dance classes and everything else) said that he believes this to be the best dance recital he has ever been to! AND that the decision we made to move Paige to your studio was the best decision we could have made. I was so proud of the progress she's made - she has improved and learned so much since we started with you. So THANK YOU!!

We want to congratulate you on an extraordinary recital this year.  Willard said this was the best one he has been too.  All the recitals in the last 5 years have been wonderful but this one really showcased how much you challenge your dancers.  Seeing in the program for the 5:30 show that some of the dances were student choreographed was very impressive.  Brianna and Sophia can't wait to start dance in the fall again or to be able to do the hip hop they saw.
We could not speak highly enough of your studio to anybody that asks.  Every person there is incredibly helpful, friendly and genuinely cares about the girls and it shows.  The fact you can juggle the studio, putting on a recital, 2 kids AND dance in the recital speaks volumes of your dedication and the support you have.  Thank you for being such an incredible teacher and mentor for our daughters.  Enjoy your summer and we will see you in the fall.

This was our first experience with a dance recital and I have to say, I was not expecting to enjoy it. My background (albeit years ago) is in stage directing and stage management and Kyle is a lighting designer. We were both extremely impressed with how smoothly everything ran and how well organized your production really is. We were with several family members who HAVE been to recitals all over the country and all said this was the best they had seen.

I watched you from the audience at the dress rehearsal for a little while, too. Clearly, things were NOT going as planned with the wrong music, etc...pretty much like most dress rehearsals. The way you handled the little girls on stage, though, was masterful. You never lost your cool and gave them only positive and gentle redirection ...but got what you needed. You should be very proud of everyone involved. Kudos. We all really enjoyed the evening!

"Dear Tarilyn,
Just a quick note to thank you for an enjoyable weekend!  I was impressed with how organized dress rehearsal was.  At our previous studio, pictures and dress rehearsal were done on the same day, leading to numerous delays, mix-ups and headaches for everyone.  This was a pleasant change of pace! The shows were great!  They were well-produced and included a nice mix of music and dance styles.  I really enjoyed them both, and appreciate the hard work of the moms who managed the dressing rooms, allowing me to see them without interruption
J.We’ll see you in the fall."

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