Owner and Lead Instructor

Mrs. Tarilyn Hall

Tarilyn Hall has danced ballet, tap, jazz and production for 27 years at Micki Pospisil's Dance Studio in Omaha.  She was an assistant teacher there for 10 years before to going to the Janet Jackson Dance Studio in September 2001 as a studio manager apprentice. Tarilyn then opened her own studio in September of 2002.

Tarilyn attended Tarkio College as a dance major and toured the Midwest as a member of the TC Dance Company.  She has performed at the Dundee Dinner Theater under the direction of Patrick Roddy.

Tarilyn has choreographed many high school musicals, swing choirs, cheerleading squads, and dance teams.  She coached the Roncalli Danz Team for five years where her teams attended competitions in South Sioux City, NE winning their chance to perform in the halftime show at the Citrus Bowl.  Tarilyn then coached the Dance Team at Omaha's South High School and was head choreographer for the South High Theater Department for three years.

Attending local and national workshops, Tarilyn keeps up on the latest dance styles, music, and techniques.  This year she was voted Secretary of the  Omaha Dance Teacher's Association. As a member of the ODTA, Tarilyn  is dedicated to uphold the code of ethics adopted almost 50 years ago, assuring her professional practice. 

Assistant Instructors

 Ms. Deanna Callaway

Ms. Deanna has studied dance since the age of four. She has experience in ballet, tap, jazz, production, and tumbling. In 1986 she trained as a student teacher and in 1988 became an assistant director and instructor for the Janet Jackson Dance Studio here in Omaha. She is a caring, dedicated instructor who works well with all ages. Having Deanna on our dance staff is a gift to us all.


Ms. Becky Graves

Ms. Becky has been dancing for thirteen years at the Janet Jackson Dance Studio in Omaha. Her dance experience includes ballet, tap, jazz, production and pointe. She began assistant teaching at the Janet Jackson Dance Studio five years ago. After 6 years of being an assistant teacher for Tarilyn's Dance Studio, she is now full time wife/mom, full time professional, part time student, and GUEST TEACHER for us! What a role model! We are extremely lucky to have Ms. Becky on our staff. Her experience, cheery disposition, and self discipline add to our studio's reputation.

Ms. Lora Hansen

Ms. Lora is a wonderful, kind, gentle dancer and assistant. She came to Tarilyn's Dance Studio from the Janet Jackson Dance Studio where she studied for 20 years, assisting for 3 years. Ms. Lora's eye for detail and talent for communicating with all ages has turned our dancers into confident, technical dancers. We don't know what we would do without her.

Miss Michelle Rushing

Michelle has been taking dance classes since the age of 5. She began expanding her classes to jazz at age 10 and on to production at age 13. She began gymnastics lessons in first grade and completed through jr. high. She has assisted in the dance classroom for seven years for grades kindergarten through Jr. High. Miss Michelle is currently a student going for a double major (banking/finance and small business management) and a minor in real estate. Her cheerful disposition makes us all smile the minute she walks in the room. Her work ethic is something we know she has inspired students with. We love her and your kids will too!!

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